The beautiful depression

Beautiful…depression…these are definitely two words that you would never expect to see together.

Here you are thinking,”Tenie has lost the plot!” 

Let me explain…last year I was diagnosed with major depression and anxiety. This was as a direct result of a traumatic life experience.

My sleep patterns changed, I lost my appetite and was not able to concentrate or remember things…I felt like i was losing myself.

Mental illness has a very negative stigma attached to it however, in my world it is the norm.

I have five people in my immediate family who suffer from either depression or bipolar mood disorder.

Even though I am exposed to it on a daily basis, it was not easy trying to deal with my very own diagnosis. 

I managed to get the help I needed quite quickly and have to pop a pill a day to keep me going…but I have chosen to own it.

Living with any illness is not easy…however, we have to choose to fight. Trust me being positive is sometimes impossible these days but I have come to realise that having a bad day once in a while is ok. 

I have also had to learn that somethings are just out of my control…I have to let go and let God!

Talking about it helps tons…so I have chosen to share this little bit of me today.



P.s: A huge thank you to each and every person who has taken the time to read my posts. It is so amazing to read your positive feedback. 



Magical Makeup

I was blessed in my late 20’s with adult acne. Most people (including me on a bad day) would definitely not see this as a blessing….far from it in fact!

It was like I woke up one morning looking like a lumpy alien creature from planet acne…arrrg! Why why why (bangs head on desk)!!!

I am a tomboy always have been.. wearing makeup meant it was a special occassion. Now suddenly I have this irrational fear of leaving the house….like some famous celebrity being hounded by the infamous paparazzi.

Thank goodness for Google…it became my go to for everything makeup. I would troll the net for hours trying to find something to hide the acne without it feeling like I was wearing makeup…I was searching for the magical unicorn of the makeup world.

Then I remembered that I used Kryolan makeup on my wedding day and loved how comfy it was…could this be my unicorn????

Hubby (being the awesome guy that he is) offered to take me to the Kryolan store in Bramely so that i could check out the offerings…

Fast forward 4 years later…. Hello my name is Tenisha and I am a kryolan (well let’s be honest…makeup in  general) addict!

Makeup has given me this newfound confidence and comfort in my own skin which I simply love.

This blog is the beginning of something new and exciting for me. I will blog weekly with my latest adventures (or misadventures lol).

Stayed tuned for more…