I am 33 and married for 7 amazing years. The lucky guy is my best friend and soul mate of 15 years.

We dated for 8 years and had our dream wedding 7 years ago.

We bought our own home the year we wed.  No help from parents or long lost wealthy relatives…we did it on our own. Definitely a very proud moment in our lives.

Now comes the question that every person has been asking us “When are the babies coming???”

I don’t know if this is an indian thing or if all cultures have the same pressures. 

Once upon a was normal for people to be married by 26, have the dream house (white picket fence included) aling with 2.5 kids. 

These days things have changed. We have career goals, travel dreams and many adventure to go on before having a kids.

Asking someone when they are having kids is such a personal question…may as well come right out and ask “When you are having sex!”

After many years of being asked this question, i still look like a deer caught in the headlights when the subject comes up.

I don’t see why I should actually answer this question…the choice to reproduce is between spouses.

Its not like I don’t ever want kids (i love them and they love me) but i want to have a kid when we are ready and not when we are required to.

Is this the norm these days? 

Share your experiences with me in the comments.



A huge thank you to all my followers.  I promise to keep it coming 😊



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8 thoughts on “Kids???

  1. Woman, I’ve done this to you! And only now realize the question is a bad as the one I keep getting asked – “When is the next one coming?” To have to explain to women who have more than one kid and tell you that it is not easy but rewarding, the kids look after themselves, etc etc, isn’t easy. My mind is made up. So I get you. Having a kid is like getting a tattoo on your face, so you better be sure you want it. There’s no return to sender 😉


    1. Lol nash I dont take offense honestly lol…its all these people who dont even know me who ask such questions…such an invasion of privacy…its a life changing decision that you cant take back…


  2. I hear you Tenisha…. I’m married for 8 years this year and know my hubby for 14 years. We been asked the same question all the time about kids. People need to realise times haves changed not saying that kids are not wanted but more like when the times right.


  3. Lol Tenie…First of, love the blog 😊. Second , honestly I thought of asking you that many times, but never did. And then after I got married I got asked this question by many ; even before my first anniversary! And I always tell ppl “like in 2 years time maybe” just to answer them but I don’t think I’ll even be ready for a kid yet.


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