Thank you and 1st review!!!

​I am so thrilled by the support that my blog is getting from around the world.

The comments and feedback has really been amazing….thank you to each and every person who has taken the time to read through my articles.

I have been requested to write articles around dating tips, where to go on dates and all those exciting topics that we sadly don’t have handbooks for πŸ™‚

These articles are not just focused on couples…it could be friends, siblings or family.

Me personally…I go on sibling dates (which include my hubby) quite often. We use these date nights to venture out and try new things…99% of the time this includes eating out 😊

However, we do still enjoy our childhood favs like a night out at the movies, going bowling or just playing games at the arcade.

One of our most recent adventures led us to a little pub called The Deck Pub and Grill in Edenglen Edenvale.

Now if any of you are YouTube addicts (like me), you know that food challenges are the in thing.

Well this hidden gem does a food challenge every Thursday night.

On the night that we visited, The Deck Pub and Grill had their R95 burger challenge…finish the monster burger in record time and get R300 off your bill.

The record at the time was 4 minutes…so hubby and sibling decide to order the burger but opted to not partake in the challenge as they found the size of the burger a little intimidating lol.

Let me tell you about this amazing piece of burger art… four juicy homemade patties…two fried eggs…perfectly cooked bacon (drool)…. Perfection!

Sibling managed to devour his burger in six minutes (we timed him for fun) and hubby took half home as a doggy bag. I managed to steal a piece and I was really impressed. Definitely one of the best burgers in Edenvale!

I ordered a starter portion of the peri-peri wings and I got a basket of eight succulent and tender wings which were smothered in a perfectly spiced sauce.

I would definitely recommend this hidden treasure to anyone who loves the family friendly pub atmosphere.

The service was top notch, beer perfectly chilled and management super friendly. It is not very often that you find a restaurant that makes you feel at home.

The Deck…you rock!!! We cannot wait to visit again.

The Deck Pub and Grill
52 Harris Ave cnr wagenaar strt Edenglen
Bookings are essential.




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