OMG i am in love…with a lipstick! 😂

Only a true makeup lover could relate to the emotions you feel when you find new makeup that is actually good 😍

I have been an Avon customer since I was 16 years old. This was the only brand that my mum allowed me to get as the products were gentle…I fell in love with the Color Trends range.
However, as I grew older and my taste in makeup changed I noticed that the colours that Avon showed in the catelogue would be a totally different shade when recieved….eventually due to this I moved away from the brand.

That was until i discovered their makeup setting spray which became a staple in my makeup collection. I always have no less than 3 bottles on hand just to be safe 😎

But in the September catelogue i saw the Avon Liquid Lip Lacquer Matt range on the cover and it was love at first sight 💞

I decided to give them a try and ordered the shades Plump up the jam and Fabulosity…was not holding my breath….boy oh boy did Avon deliver!

The shades were exactly what i orderd and the quality was amazing.

The product is rich, creamy and so so pigmented. It stayed on the entire day and did not need a touch up.

Avon you have really hit the mark and given us this gorgeous product.

10/10 from me👍

The lip lacquer was on sale for an introductory rate of R84.95….get yours now.

Give it a try and let me know your thoughts 🌷




A little taste of Paris (in SA off course)

It was hubby’s birthday yesterday so we ventured out to this little gem with our special people.

The decor and atmosphere really makes you feel like you are in old Paris…french classical music sets the mood while you get swept away on a magical adventure (mini Eiffel tower included).

Now if anyone loves quirky stuff it has to be me…I am one who can definitely appreciate the time and detail that has been put into French Toast Koffie Kafee.

What I loved most was the fact that even though it’s a 30-45 min drive from JHB…it feels like you have been transported to Paris.

We got there after 12 but the manager allowed us to order from the breakie menu…you won me over.

I opted for the french toast with poached eggs and bacon 😍 heaven on my tongue!


Other orders placed included the beef burger (on franch toast bun), the french toast and camembert as well as the herb french toast.


Pics of the menu:

After brunch, we ventured out for a stroll through the French themed exterior.

I loved the replica of the Eiffel Tower as well as the Lock of Love bridge.

Here are some pics of our day out.

I would definitely recommend a visit to this gem whether it’s for a romantic afternoon out or a family day…loved by young and old.

My rating 5/5 – yummy food, great customer service and even more amazing venue.

French Toast Koffie Kafee

078 592 6953

Hours: Mon to Sun 7:30 to 17:00

Hartbeespoort Aquarium
R511 R27

Business shout out!

Apologies for being away for so long….the flu decided to invade my body and knock me out for the month of July. But I am back with a bang babies!!!

I love reviewing and supporting up and coming talent so I will be doing a new “Business shout out” spot to help shed some light on the talent out there.

First up is a shout out to my girl…the classically stunning Priyanka of Makeup by Priya.

I did a mini interview with her to see what she has to offer the makeup world.


  • What inspired you to become a makeup artist?

My view is that, at it’ core, makeup serves to enhance your natural beauty. With this philosophy in mind, it has helped boost my self-confidence and in turn I want to help others experience the same as well as empower them to do it for themselves. There’s a well-known quote by world renowned makeup artist Bobbi Brown that I am particularly fond of and it really captures why I am a makeup artist.

It reads as follows, “I believe that all women are pretty without makeup – but with the right makeup can   be pretty powerful”.

  • How long have you been doing makeup for?

Professionally, for a little over 1.5 years.

  • When did your passion for makeup start?

Mid-High school – when I got the opportunity to really play around with makeup. (Never  before    then…my mom was quite strict about using makeup!).

  • Where do you get your creative inspiration from?

Hmmmm from people, places, clothing, and more often than not problems that my      clients struggle with!    Style Icons Dita Von Teese and Olivia Palermo are two people that  get my creative juices going.
Oh, and Pinterest of course.

  • What other services can customers look forward to from you in the future?

Definitely more workshop style offerings… can’t let all my secrets out the bag ;).

  • What set’s your business apart from the rest?

My business is based on making flawless makeup application accessible to all. Whether it’s through an application by me or workshop with me I aim to debunk preconceived notions that having a great makeup application is too complicated.

  • Who is your makeup inspiration?

Wow there are so many great MUA’s I admire in the industry…it’s hard to narrow it down. Some of my favorite artists are the talented sisters Sam Chapman & Nicola Haste (Pixiwoos), Mickey Contractor for his Bollywood flair and Kim-K’s MUA, Mario Dedivanovic.

  • What is your favorite look?

The classic red lip and winged liner. It’s a timeless look.

  • Any tips or tricks?

My top two beauty hacks are as below –

Best makeup remover : Coconut Oil

Best lip treatment : Bepanthen

  • What are your favorite products?

Benefit Push up they’re real mascara & gel eyeliner

MAC Prep + Prime Fix + Spray

LA Girl’s range of colour correctors – amazing!

  • Share one of your favorite looks with us.


Photo credit :

  • Tell us more about your business

Makeup by Priya specializes in one-on-one masterclasses and group workshops focused on empowering others on how to look ‘pretty powerful’. Makeup by Priya also enjoys being a part of your special day through makeup application for matric dances and other events, weddings and even dress up parties.

Check out Makeup By Priya on the info below:

  • Facebook:
  • Instagram: @m.upbypriya

If you would like me to send a shout out to a business that you own or a business that you would like more info on, please feel free to comment on this post or drop me an email –

Have an awesome week.





Makeup review!!!

So as you know I have adult acne. Thanks to my skin having a midlife crisis, I have blemishes and acne scaring on my cheeks, forehead and chin … but wait a second…how is it that I always look like my skin is healthy and Happy????

This is not the part where I tell you about how I manage to photoshop each of my pics before posting on social media…instead, let me tell you about my saving grace Kryolan DermaColor foundation.


In the picture below, I am wearing no makeup and as you can see, my skin is far from perfect.

Before I learnt about Kryolan, I considered becoming a hermit. Leaving the house was so hard to do…it felt like the world judged me on how I looked and that made me feel self conscious.

My daily makeup routine is very simple and quick:

  • I keep my face with a moisturiser which does not make my combination skin oily
  • I then apply an even layer of my DermaColour foundation to my entire face
  • I then use a light beige foundation under my eye area and along my T-done to highlight the areas.
  • A translucent powder is then applied to my entire face in order to set my makeup.
  • I then add a stroke of blush to the apples of my cheeks and blend out toward my temprals.
  • In order to brighten up my cheeks and forehead, I add a light dusting of highlighter
  • My look is then finished off with a coat of mascara, a little bit of lipstick and a sprits of makeup setting spray.

Here is a pic of my finished look minus the lipstick…quick easy and comfy:


To demonstrate the magic of DermaColor foundation, I have used it to cover a portion  of my tattoo. I did it very lightly but the difference is definitely wow!

Do you use this amazing foundation? Share your thoughts with me in the comments below 😘

Also remember, just because you may need a full coverage foundation does not mean that it should feel cakey on your skin. It should be comfy and healthy for your skin.



I will be doing a giveaway on my Instagram account with a few other bloggers. Remember to follow me on @tenishafrank21 to keep up to date😀

Rocomamas Review

Last week I celebrated yet another year on this gorgeous earth.

In honor of this momentous occasion, the gang and I ventured out to Rocomamas Bedfordview in search of the aptly named ‘Bedford Bomb’.

The signature red bun should serve as a warning for what lies between the buns.

A juicy, meaty, flavorful yet killer hot smash burger. The key ingredient used is the Caroliner Reaper pepper. This is one of the hottest pepper in the world.

A disclaimer had to be signed and we were given surgical gloves to ensure that we didn’t have any ‘chilli in the eye’ casualties.

The burger arrived with a pungent yet sweet chilli smell….as I bravely took my first bite I thought to myself how delicious this is and not hot at all!!!

It was all good until the moment I swallowed my first bite…. my body temp increased, my ears burned, my eyes teared up and the burning sensation in my mouth won.

I also at some point made the mistake of sucking my lips…BEEEGGG mistake!

The burn spread almost instantly to the delicate skin around my mouth.

Would I have this meal again….hell Yes! I am planning my next meal there.

Even though it was super spicy, it was still divine.

Make sure to order a milkshake or ice cold beer before you tackle this bomb.

I also tried a cookies and scream waffle which was yummy but the burger was def the main attraction.

4/5 is my rating.

Visit the Rocomamas Bedfordview to try out this masterpiece.

Shop 30, Bedford Village Centre, Niīcol ROAD, 2008.

Tel: 011 4501017

Please ensure that you book a table as they get crazy busy.




My blog is almost three months old and is growing from strength to strength. 

This would not be possible without you…my amazing readers 😘

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I am still getting the hang of being a blogger and love hearing from my readers…please leave a comment with your thoughts or any suggestions that you may have regarding future posts.

I have included a snippet of the stats of the blog…it just makes me so happy.

I am planning a giveaway for you my dear subscribers so stay tuned and remember to subscribe (if you haven’t already 😉).



Review: Tataki Green Valley 

Anyone who knows me understands that I love yummy food…i live to eat:-)

One of my all time favs is sushi. Who knew raw fish could taste so good!

When the craving calls….I answer it by going to my all time fav place… Tataki.

Being a girl from the East Rand (Edenvale) the Green Valley store is so so convenient.

It’s cosy and welcoming…the staff are friendly and the sushi fresh – What more could this girl ask for!!!

Sushi heaven is the best way to describe it. 

The store offers an all you can eat sushi option for R155 each. This not only allows you unlimited access to the sushi conveyor belt but also a huge menu of sushi to choose from.

What I appreciate most is the fact that the quality of the sushi beats most high-end restaurants. 

The creativity of the chefs leaves me in awe every single time I visit. 

My siblings and I visited our little piece of heaven yesterday and once again we were not disappointed.

The chefs had made fresh servings of the deep fried sushi … OMG…each piece was soft, warm and crispy. 

We were also introduced to calamari sushi….gobsmacked…soft delightful fresh…blissfully Devine 😍 I think I am in love with a sushi roll 🙂

Tataki Green Valley…you keep us coming back for more!

My rating is a 4 out of 5.

Do go visit this little sushi paradise the next time you have a craving…let me know your thoughts on the place in the comments below.



The interview

I decided to give you a quick insight into what makes me tick…so instead of being boring and interviewing myself, I asked an artistic soul to come up with a few interview questions for me to answer.

Here goes…😊

1. With the world revolving around technology…where do you see blogging career going in future?

I see the blog growing and blossoming into a daily article along with a YouTube channel.

2. What inspired you to get into blogging? 

I have been blessed with a love for reading and a great imagination. I decided to share my thoughts and insights with the world.

3. Is there any blogger(could be anywhere in the world) who inspired you to start blogging?

Kim Dao – she is an Australian living in Japan…i love following her travels and adventures.

Popcorn and Pearls – beauty beauty beauty 😍

4. What is your deepest fear?

Being alone 🤔

5. What does creativity mean to you? Being able to express my thoughts and feelings in a way that reflects my personality.

6. Is being a female blogger a challenge? Yes, finding topics that both males and females can relate to and find interesting is sometimes hard.

7. How do you deal with these challenges? I try to find a common topic that I can write about.

8. What is your target audience?

Anyone who wants to see the world through my eyes and has a sense of humor.

9. Do you think south Africans are open to the idea of blogging?

Oh definitely…its definitely becoming a popular outlet. 

10. How did your family receive the news of you being a blogger? 

They are my biggest fans. The feedback has been amazing.

11. How do you manage your time for family, work and blogging?

Thanks to modern technology, I am able to blog from my cellphone. Whenever I think of something…i start typing via my WordPress app.

12. What do you hope to achieve through blogging? 

To be able to blog as a career….to inspire and give the public articles that they can relate to.

13. Do you think blogging can be used as a platform to raise real issues that we face as a country?

For sure! My blog is on an international platform so any topic that I discuss is seen around the world.

14. Which personal traits do you possess that make you special from all the other bloggers?

My personality is reflected in my writing. I have had feedback from readers saying that it is like having a casual chat with me and that they can relate to me.

15. If you had an opportunity to meet someone through the billowing platform who would it be?

MR Obama

16. Do you see yourself growing your blog into a TV show?

That would be amazing. A talk show.

17. How does your family structure inspire you? Any expected new addition to the family?

I come from a big…loud…rowdy family who love to have fun. We have had so many adventures together and I hope sharing these will help someone out there.

New addition…yes hubby and I just adopted a little fox terrier girl from the SPCA…more to follow.

18. How important is experience when it comes to this platform? Experience is not essential…however,I feel that life experience and a way with words is key.
So that is a little sneak peak into the workings of my mind…feel free to leave my a comment with any other questions that you may have.

Shout out to my boo Vee for the kickass questions 😘



Hidden gem

Earlier this year, hubby received amazing news….he had won a competition! Now we are not the luckiest of people…but to win a weekend away valued at R10 000 was a dream come true.

The prize was a weekend away for eight people at the KweKwe Private Game Lodge near Marble Hall.

After waiting anxiously for the day to arrive, we set out on our first family holiday in over 10 years.

If any of you have ventured to Limpopo, you know that it isn’t one of the most exciting drives. However, our destination was definitely worth it.

The game lodge has three private and fully equipped residences each with its very own swimming pool and games rooms.

We had the privilege of spending the weekend in the TaTa Somba lodge….wow wow wow 🙂

Our lodge had a rustic African feel to it and so much thought was put into the design. The main house consisted of 3 bedrooms (each ensuite), a guest loo, gorgeous kitchen, dinning room and lounge area. We had our very own patio and boma which we relaxed around at the end of each day.

The lodge had a little private rondavel which hubby and I fell in love with and called home for the weekend. 

TaTa Somba had a private swimming pool as well as a games room with a pool table and table tennis.

What fascinated us the most was that we were surround by the most beautiful landscape and the mystical animals that roamed it.

The lodges are not fenced off as there are no predators on the farm. This meant that we had the privilege of being greeted by giraffe, Rosie the Ostrich (as named by us), wildebeest and different types of buck.

On Saturday morning we ventured out on a game drive which allowed us to get up close to a family of giraffe….definitely a highlight of our trip.

To be able to walk freely with such amazingly magical creatures was a dream come true.

The lodges are fully serviced and the staff were the best.

We were so sad to leave but will definitely be back.

Should you wish to visit KweKwe Private Game Lodge,please contact them on 072 321 7654 or alternately, you may visit their website

Thank you KweKwe Private Game Lodge as well as Eden Meadows shopping centre for the truely memorable experience.



Thank you and 1st review!!!

I am so thrilled by the support that my blog is getting from around the world.

The comments and feedback has really been amazing….thank you to each and every person who has taken the time to read through my articles.

I have been requested to write articles around dating tips, where to go on dates and all those exciting topics that we sadly don’t have handbooks for 🙂

These articles are not just focused on couples…it could be friends, siblings or family.

Me personally…I go on sibling dates (which include my hubby) quite often. We use these date nights to venture out and try new things…99% of the time this includes eating out 😊

However, we do still enjoy our childhood favs like a night out at the movies, going bowling or just playing games at the arcade.

One of our most recent adventures led us to a little pub called The Deck Pub and Grill in Edenglen Edenvale.

Now if any of you are YouTube addicts (like me), you know that food challenges are the in thing.

Well this hidden gem does a food challenge every Thursday night.

On the night that we visited, The Deck Pub and Grill had their R95 burger challenge…finish the monster burger in record time and get R300 off your bill.

The record at the time was 4 minutes…so hubby and sibling decide to order the burger but opted to not partake in the challenge as they found the size of the burger a little intimidating lol.

Let me tell you about this amazing piece of burger art… four juicy homemade patties…two fried eggs…perfectly cooked bacon (drool)…. Perfection!

Sibling managed to devour his burger in six minutes (we timed him for fun) and hubby took half home as a doggy bag. I managed to steal a piece and I was really impressed. Definitely one of the best burgers in Edenvale!

I ordered a starter portion of the peri-peri wings and I got a basket of eight succulent and tender wings which were smothered in a perfectly spiced sauce.

I would definitely recommend this hidden treasure to anyone who loves the family friendly pub atmosphere.

The service was top notch, beer perfectly chilled and management super friendly. It is not very often that you find a restaurant that makes you feel at home.

The Deck…you rock!!! We cannot wait to visit again.

The Deck Pub and Grill
52 Harris Ave cnr wagenaar strt Edenglen
Bookings are essential.