Update: I am alive!!!

Hey lovelies!

I know I promised more crazy blog posts this year…however, it has been crazy!

This is just a quick update post on the happenings in my life thus far.

So I have decided to take control of my health and I have joined CrossFit.

WTF!!! I know it’s extreme for a non-athlete like myself but I needed something that was going to kick my butt into shape.

It has been a painful month….I have discovered muscles that I honestly did not know existed. There have been days when I couldn’t sit, stand, walk or function but it has been amazing.

Each session pushes me to a point that I never knew I could reach. I have to admit that there are times when I just lay there like a moaning starfish on the gym floor (true story lol) because my body has reached its limit but I take it a day at a time.

I am not going into full (as the gym experts call it) “BEAST” mode but more like a soft cuddly teddy bear looking to lose the hibernation weight gain.

I have been asked by my sibling to document the journey to give hope to people like me. Honestly, the thought of taking a before selfie is killing me.

Self image has always been an issue that I have faced but I always make the most of the situation and get comfy.

This year I am getting out of the comfort zone and kicking my own butt. I choose to love myself enough to eat better and exercise more….because I am worth it (stretch marks and acne scars included)!

I am looking at documenting the journey monthly with details of how it is going and maybe I will be brave enough to take a picture.

My goal overall is to lose 30kgs but I do know that I may not lose it all due to muscle gain. This is not a overnight fix and I have decided to make it a lifestyle change so that I can maintain it.

Let me know your thoughts 🙂

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Love and light


P.s – quick depression update …I am proud to say that after a year and a half on meds, I am officially off anti-depressants.




Welcome 2018!

Compliments of the season guys!

May 2018 be the best year of our lives😊

I am going into 2018 with the promise to love myself more 💕

I have been given this one life and I am going to make it the best one ever!

My imperfections make me who I am…my quirks my character my beauty💕 and this year I plan to own it!

I do not aim to fit in but rather i choose to stand out!

Why fit the mould when you where born to break it😎

Be the best you guys…know your worth and accept yourself.

Cheers to a better brighter 2018 and more posts from me 😍



My struggle with PCOS

It has taken me over a year to get the courage to talk/write about this.  This is something that I live with on a daily basis however, I am not alone.

Millions of women across the world have been through or are going through this and I hope that my writing about it will help ease a broken heart….If not mine then maybe yours!

Let me start at the beginning.

When I was 25 I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). My ovaries do not function properly and instead of releasing an egg each month, it would turn into a cyst on my ovary.

I had the symptoms of PCOS from a young age however, was never diagnosed properly. I gained 20kgs, had irregular periods, acne and all the other symptoms that go with it.

I became so self-conscious that leaving the house was hard. I would be picked on and asked constantly why I am so fat or why my skin was so bad….I would cry so much.

Anyone with PCOS knows that our bodies work against us. I could drink a glass of water and have it turn into fat.

It is so embarrassing when you own body sabotages you.

Given that I have tried exercise and diet but the results take so long that I get bored/demotivated. Also, it tends to have a negative impact on your budget – eating healthy can be so expensive.

Have I considered fertility treatment? Yes. I did a round of very mild fertility treatment back in 2012 which was not successful. Due to the toll it took on my body, we decided to avoid it as it is not healthy – emotionally or physically.

Then in In May 2016, I had a miscarriage. We were not even trying.

It was a very early miscarriage and even though I did not know I was pregnant at the time, going through the miscarriage naturally and having the symptoms for the weeks/months that followed was emotional torture.

Bruce and I tried to focus on the fact that I fell pregnant as a positive especially knowing how much harder the battle is with PCOS.

I felt so alone.

Who could I talk to about it that would actually understand what I was going through!

Would anyone understand?

I did not want the “Everything will be ok…it happened for a reason…you can try again” speech.

I wanted someone who could tell me how much it will hurt, how my body would react…the bitter truth.

But I could not bring myself to speak about it….I bottled it up and filed it away in the back of my mind.

I kept telling myself that I was doing great.

When I was diagnosed with depression in late 2016, I had to face the truth and deal with the pain that the miscarriage caused.

It made me more open to talking about it. A dear friend who also has PCOS referred me to her gynae and amazingly I was given a clean bill of health. Bruce and I were so shocked.

The doctor did mention that sometimes this can happen after a miscarriage as your hormones regulate.

Even though I have this new clean bill of health, I still wonder who that little miracle would have been.

Do I obsess about it…definitely not!

I have learnt to take life a day at a time….slow down and just go with the flow while enjoying what God has planned for us.

Am I obsessed with starting a family…no and I have made peace with it.

Would I be unhappy not having children…definitely not.

We have decided that we would focus on the blessings that we do have and not the ones that we don’t.

Somedays this is harder but we will get there together.

Fertility issues are becoming so common. Every other couple that you chat to is having some sort of fertility related issue.

I just hope that my story will help someone out there who is/has gone through the struggle.


Here is some PCOS facts for you:


You are not alone. We need to stick together to ensure that the stigma around these issues ends.

Drop me an email with your story: tenisworld@gmail.com.




Review: NYX Beauty School Dropout

So back in June to celebrate my “Name Day” (Game of Thrones addicts will understand – AKA my birthday), I was treated to a makeup shopping spree.

My choice was the World of NYX at the Clicks Mall of Africa.

As can be expected, it was like letting a two year old run wild in a candy store.

One of my purchases was the NYX Beauty School Dropout Back to Basics palette.
It comes in a cute black folder with 35 eye shadows, two blushes, two highlighters as well as two contour/bronzing shades.


You read right all these amazing goodies in one compact palette for around R475.

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-24 at 15.06.32(3)

I have been using the blush and highlighters daily. Love love love the formula. You can create and dewy look or a dramatic look as the colour is build-able.

Swatches below:


The eyeshadows are not the greatest formula and most of the colours do not last a long time once applied. I have tried this with and without a primer.

I prefer the metallic shades as they are pigmented and seem to stay put for a little longer.

Swatches below:

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-24 at 15.06.33(5)

The contouring/bronzing shades were not made for a darker complexion and don’t show on my skin tone.


Do I regret my decision to buy this pallete???       Definitely not!

I find NYX products affordable and good quality – – – looking forward to trying more of their products and reviewing them for you.

You lovelies who have purchased this palette, please share your thoughts on it with me 🙂



Business shout out!

Apologies for being away for so long….the flu decided to invade my body and knock me out for the month of July. But I am back with a bang babies!!!

I love reviewing and supporting up and coming talent so I will be doing a new “Business shout out” spot to help shed some light on the talent out there.

First up is a shout out to my girl…the classically stunning Priyanka of Makeup by Priya.

I did a mini interview with her to see what she has to offer the makeup world.


  • What inspired you to become a makeup artist?

My view is that, at it’ core, makeup serves to enhance your natural beauty. With this philosophy in mind, it has helped boost my self-confidence and in turn I want to help others experience the same as well as empower them to do it for themselves. There’s a well-known quote by world renowned makeup artist Bobbi Brown that I am particularly fond of and it really captures why I am a makeup artist.

It reads as follows, “I believe that all women are pretty without makeup – but with the right makeup can   be pretty powerful”.

  • How long have you been doing makeup for?

Professionally, for a little over 1.5 years.

  • When did your passion for makeup start?

Mid-High school – when I got the opportunity to really play around with makeup. (Never  before    then…my mom was quite strict about using makeup!).

  • Where do you get your creative inspiration from?

Hmmmm from people, places, clothing, and more often than not problems that my      clients struggle with!    Style Icons Dita Von Teese and Olivia Palermo are two people that  get my creative juices going.
Oh, and Pinterest of course.

  • What other services can customers look forward to from you in the future?

Definitely more workshop style offerings… can’t let all my secrets out the bag ;).

  • What set’s your business apart from the rest?

My business is based on making flawless makeup application accessible to all. Whether it’s through an application by me or workshop with me I aim to debunk preconceived notions that having a great makeup application is too complicated.

  • Who is your makeup inspiration?

Wow there are so many great MUA’s I admire in the industry…it’s hard to narrow it down. Some of my favorite artists are the talented sisters Sam Chapman & Nicola Haste (Pixiwoos), Mickey Contractor for his Bollywood flair and Kim-K’s MUA, Mario Dedivanovic.

  • What is your favorite look?

The classic red lip and winged liner. It’s a timeless look.

  • Any tips or tricks?

My top two beauty hacks are as below –

Best makeup remover : Coconut Oil

Best lip treatment : Bepanthen

  • What are your favorite products?

Benefit Push up they’re real mascara & gel eyeliner

MAC Prep + Prime Fix + Spray

LA Girl’s range of colour correctors – amazing!

  • Share one of your favorite looks with us.


Photo credit : https://www.pinterest.com/pin/350999364679314584/?lp=true

  • Tell us more about your business

Makeup by Priya specializes in one-on-one masterclasses and group workshops focused on empowering others on how to look ‘pretty powerful’. Makeup by Priya also enjoys being a part of your special day through makeup application for matric dances and other events, weddings and even dress up parties.

Check out Makeup By Priya on the info below:

  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/m.upbypriya/
  • Instagram: @m.upbypriya

If you would like me to send a shout out to a business that you own or a business that you would like more info on, please feel free to comment on this post or drop me an email – teniesworld@gmail.com.

Have an awesome week.





Makeup review!!!

So as you know I have adult acne. Thanks to my skin having a midlife crisis, I have blemishes and acne scaring on my cheeks, forehead and chin … but wait a second…how is it that I always look like my skin is healthy and Happy????

This is not the part where I tell you about how I manage to photoshop each of my pics before posting on social media…instead, let me tell you about my saving grace Kryolan DermaColor foundation.


In the picture below, I am wearing no makeup and as you can see, my skin is far from perfect.

Before I learnt about Kryolan, I considered becoming a hermit. Leaving the house was so hard to do…it felt like the world judged me on how I looked and that made me feel self conscious.

My daily makeup routine is very simple and quick:

  • I keep my face with a moisturiser which does not make my combination skin oily
  • I then apply an even layer of my DermaColour foundation to my entire face
  • I then use a light beige foundation under my eye area and along my T-done to highlight the areas.
  • A translucent powder is then applied to my entire face in order to set my makeup.
  • I then add a stroke of blush to the apples of my cheeks and blend out toward my temprals.
  • In order to brighten up my cheeks and forehead, I add a light dusting of highlighter
  • My look is then finished off with a coat of mascara, a little bit of lipstick and a sprits of makeup setting spray.

Here is a pic of my finished look minus the lipstick…quick easy and comfy:


To demonstrate the magic of DermaColor foundation, I have used it to cover a portion  of my tattoo. I did it very lightly but the difference is definitely wow!

Do you use this amazing foundation? Share your thoughts with me in the comments below 😘

Also remember, just because you may need a full coverage foundation does not mean that it should feel cakey on your skin. It should be comfy and healthy for your skin.



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Review: Tataki Green Valley 

Anyone who knows me understands that I love yummy food…i live to eat:-)

One of my all time favs is sushi. Who knew raw fish could taste so good!

When the craving calls….I answer it by going to my all time fav place… Tataki.

Being a girl from the East Rand (Edenvale) the Green Valley store is so so convenient.

It’s cosy and welcoming…the staff are friendly and the sushi fresh – What more could this girl ask for!!!

Sushi heaven is the best way to describe it. 

The store offers an all you can eat sushi option for R155 each. This not only allows you unlimited access to the sushi conveyor belt but also a huge menu of sushi to choose from.

What I appreciate most is the fact that the quality of the sushi beats most high-end restaurants. 

The creativity of the chefs leaves me in awe every single time I visit. 

My siblings and I visited our little piece of heaven yesterday and once again we were not disappointed.

The chefs had made fresh servings of the deep fried sushi … OMG…each piece was soft, warm and crispy. 

We were also introduced to calamari sushi….gobsmacked…soft delightful fresh…blissfully Devine 😍 I think I am in love with a sushi roll 🙂

Tataki Green Valley…you keep us coming back for more!

My rating is a 4 out of 5.

Do go visit this little sushi paradise the next time you have a craving…let me know your thoughts on the place in the comments below.



Thank you and 1st review!!!

I am so thrilled by the support that my blog is getting from around the world.

The comments and feedback has really been amazing….thank you to each and every person who has taken the time to read through my articles.

I have been requested to write articles around dating tips, where to go on dates and all those exciting topics that we sadly don’t have handbooks for 🙂

These articles are not just focused on couples…it could be friends, siblings or family.

Me personally…I go on sibling dates (which include my hubby) quite often. We use these date nights to venture out and try new things…99% of the time this includes eating out 😊

However, we do still enjoy our childhood favs like a night out at the movies, going bowling or just playing games at the arcade.

One of our most recent adventures led us to a little pub called The Deck Pub and Grill in Edenglen Edenvale.

Now if any of you are YouTube addicts (like me), you know that food challenges are the in thing.

Well this hidden gem does a food challenge every Thursday night.

On the night that we visited, The Deck Pub and Grill had their R95 burger challenge…finish the monster burger in record time and get R300 off your bill.

The record at the time was 4 minutes…so hubby and sibling decide to order the burger but opted to not partake in the challenge as they found the size of the burger a little intimidating lol.

Let me tell you about this amazing piece of burger art… four juicy homemade patties…two fried eggs…perfectly cooked bacon (drool)…. Perfection!

Sibling managed to devour his burger in six minutes (we timed him for fun) and hubby took half home as a doggy bag. I managed to steal a piece and I was really impressed. Definitely one of the best burgers in Edenvale!

I ordered a starter portion of the peri-peri wings and I got a basket of eight succulent and tender wings which were smothered in a perfectly spiced sauce.

I would definitely recommend this hidden treasure to anyone who loves the family friendly pub atmosphere.

The service was top notch, beer perfectly chilled and management super friendly. It is not very often that you find a restaurant that makes you feel at home.

The Deck…you rock!!! We cannot wait to visit again.

The Deck Pub and Grill
52 Harris Ave cnr wagenaar strt Edenglen
Bookings are essential.